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€50 000 To Be Won In Laromere

Laromere online casino is a stylish gambling place that presents the players with a rich offer deriving from the original lobby itself. The establishment is always ready to attend to any amateurs of a particular amusement who feel like playing a little inside the exclusive gambling hall. The casino is also well known for their interesting promotions that can be met by any interested parties.

Laromere Super Promotion €50000 In Prizes

As of right now, there is a competition going on that has taken all the players in a particularly uncomfortable situation. A burglary has taken place in the house of Lady Ophelia Orgullosa and much of her valuable jewelry vanished in one night. Taking step by step into solving the mystery, players will experience several of the gaming services that are hosting this event.

The ones who will become successful in the hunt, can get one of the five available weekend trips to Lake Como in Italy or an amazing share of the €50 000 that await. By following the clues and earning points on the featured games, players will come closer to the case at hand.

Every single week, there will be a different game that is going to host the event, so pay close attention to all the details and make sure that your presence within the following weeks is also vowed for. The promotion will last from June 30th until the 27th of July 2014 and a full schedule of the event can be located in the appropriate section of the casino page.

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